“Abjection by its very nature is ambiguous, it both repels and attracts.” (Barbara Creed) [1]

Staged within a created reality the artwork is based around the exploration of abjection. Imagery and colour distilled and then diluted provokes the viewer into interpreting the disneyfication of horror. In 2018 she was selected for the RUA annual exhibition and in January 2019 won Northern Ireland Young Artist of the Year.

The practice draws upon Baudrillard’s theory of the simulacrum and the speculative relationship between what is real and what is imaginary. The paintings deal with a hyper reality; a way of mirroring and deflecting the horrors prevalent in contemporary culture that are easily accessible due to the widespread availability of information. 

Works featuring both figurative and abstract elements that explore the use of colour to convey ideas of dream like states and alternative realities. Taking inspiration from cults, alternative cultures and consciousness; sourcing from old photographic material, primarily based on young people, as well as organic forms.

[1] Creed, Barbara (1993) The monstrous-feminine: film, feminism, psychoanalysis, – Routledge -p14



2012 | Northern regional, Ballymena Extended National Diploma Art and Design final exhibition

2014 | University Of Ulster, BelfastYou Could Talk Less’ Professional practice exhibition

2015 | Goose Lane Gallery, Belfast | Arts and Culture members exhibition

2016 | University Of Ulster, Belfast Fine Art degree show

2016 | Tivoli Barber Shop, Belfast | ‘Le Salon des Diplômés’ group exhibition

2016 | Goose Lane Gallery, Belfast ‘False Paradise’ (solo show)

2017 | Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast | ‘Advans-t’, graduate group show

2018 | Vault Artist Studios, Belfast Member’s exhibition

2018 | Ulster Museum, Belfast Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition 

2019 | The Black Box, Belfast ‘Dreamed of Places’ (solo show) – Jan 3rd – Feb 3rd

2019 | The Braid, Ballymena Northern Ireland Young Artist of the Year – 1st place – Jan 7th – Feb 9th

2019 | The Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast | ‘Sparks’ – Collaborations from inside Vault Artist Studios  Jan 17th – 24th Jan


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